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Now create the optimal basis so that your horse can get through the autumnal change of seasons in a healthy and vital way. Save 20% on the purchase of our promotional items until October 17th, 2021!
Do you not only want to offer your chickens high-quality feed, but also ensure a better well-being and strengthened immune system of your feathered friends? The new EMH chicken concentrates from Eggersmann Körnerpick can help you with this!
We are changing our logistician: from now on delivery by DHL
Summer is finally here - but summer time is also fly time. To protect the horses, insect repellants can be used in different ways.
Our HOCHSOMMERkugel are 100% vegan and provide the wild birds in your garden with all the important minerals even on the hottest summer days.
From now on you will also find pellets in the chicken feed category of the Eggersmnn shop.
The new Eggersmann Körnerpick Hühner-Kugel XXL provides tasty, healthy and, above all, playful variety.
New in the Eggersmann Volaris range: SOMMERkörner for rearing young birds and KÖRNERkugel XXL
NEW: Years of experience in the field of horse feeding have led to this new product. Popular with horses and riders for a long time - now also for poultry.
Sparen Sie 20% bis zum 31.05.2021 bei ausgewählten Produkten zur Turniersaison.
Produktneuheit speziell für ältere Pferde mit besonderen Nährstoffbedürfnissen und einem empfindlichen Stoffwechsel.
Wir haben unsere Produktpalette erweitert - ab sofort bieten wir auch Geflügel- und Hühnerfutter an!
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