Reedem voucher

You have received a voucher code and are wondering: How do I redeem my voucher?

Please note: You need a valid customer account to be able to redeem a voucher with us!

Some of our vouchers are personalized, which is why you always need a customer account so that we can assign a voucher to your order. The voucher cannot be redeemed when registering as a guest or when concluding the shopping cart directly via PayPal Express checkout.


Proceed as follows to redeem the voucher:

1. Put the article in the shopping cart

2. and on to "checkout".

3. If you are not yet logged into your customer account (with your email address and password), you can do this at the checkout now. If you do not yet have a customer account, you can now register as a new customer. Once you have registered, you have the option of editing the invoice and delivery address or choosing the desired method of payment and delivery.

4. Once all settings have been made, enter your voucher code and confirm it. The field for this is located directly below the list of your ordered items. Please note that "-" (hyphens) and special characters as well as upper and lower case must match the code correctly.



5. If the activation is successful, the voucher will appear under the items ordered and the voucher amount will be offset against the total amount according to your order.


Problems redeeming a voucher?

If you have proceeded as described above, it can still happen that the voucher will not be credited to you. You will then usually receive an error message. There can be several reasons for this - for example, it is a promotional voucher and the promotion has already ended or the voucher cannot be combined with other vouchers or used on promotional products.

Please check once again all the specified conditions for redeeming the voucher code. If the problems persistdo not submit your order, but please contact us beforehand so that we can solve the problem together with you. The reimbursement or retrospective creation of credits for the corresponding voucher amounts usually require a longer processing time - provided they are granted.