Whether after a break in training or illness...many riders know how quickly the muscles of a horse can break down. Support the muscle development of your horse with the Eggersmann Profi products. Now for a short time on offer!
Summer, sun, sunshine - the warm season does not only bring good mood to us humans, also in the chicken coop you can see how the chickens become more active or take a sunbath in the chicken run with pleasure.
But summer can also present us with challenges when it comes to keeping chickens.
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Am 01. Juni ist meteorologischer Sommeranfang und pünktlich zur heißen Zeit des Jahres empfehlen wir wieder unsere Volaris HOCHSOMMERkugeln!
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Whether as roughage for horses or as a supplement to the daily hay ration for small animals - Eggersmann now offers sainfoin and green oats.
Benefit now from our selected products for the show season to provide your horse with optimal care during this time. Save 20% off your next order on selected products until May 15, 2022.
Passend zur Aufzuchtzeit der Jungvögel gibt es unsere beliebten Volaris SOMMERkörner jetzt auch im wiederverschließbaren 3 kg Eimer!
Feeding chickens consists of more than just grain feed, so we are expanding our range to include professional concentrates and mineral feeds!
Create the ideal basis for the grazing season now and accompany your horse optimally when grazing. Save now 20% discount on selected products!
The days are getting longer again and our wild birds are becoming more active - the breeding season is beginning! Get a 20% discount on selected products from our Eggersmann volaris wild bird feed range.
As a trial pack or as a small portion when travelling.. our Eggersmann Carnebello dry food is now also available in 1 kg bags.
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