Feed subscription

What is a feed subscription?

Feed subscription means you order your favorite item once, but repeatedly. You can determine the interval yourself when placing your order and choose between 1 to 6 weeks. Depending on your choice, you will then receive the desired delivery from us every 1, 2, 3 ... or 6 weeks. The date of the order is decisive for the interval delivery.

With a feed subscription, you can ensure that there is always enough food available without having to reorder yourself all the time and you can safe up to 5%.

You can recognize our subscription items by this symbol: abo-icon



Ordering and paying for the feed subscription

Unfortunately, we are currently only able to offer SEPA as a payment method for your feed subscription. For technical reasons PayPal is currently not possible.


Please note: You need a customer account with us and have to register in our online shop in the customer area. As a new customer, you can only choose to pay in advance for your first order. After the initial order and the associated credit and security check, you can change the payment method to SEPA in the customer area under "My subscriptions".


Cancellation of a feed subscription

The term of the subscription is generally unlimited. You can of course cancel your feed subscription at any time. The notice period is one month, i.e. you will receive another delivery after the notice.