Eggersmann Pet Food - Made in Germany



Animal feed from the Weserbergland

The Wesermühle Rinteln, operated by the Eggersmann family since 1932, is located in the heart of the Weserbergland. The family-owned company has always lived the connection to the region and expanded the production capacities to currently 3 locations in Rinteln and 1 location in Bösingfeld.

Trust through proximity

For the manufacture of our products, we source as many raw materials as possible from the region and work closely with our local farmers. We source more specialized components such as herbs or active ingredient complexes from our long-standing suppliers in Germany to ensure compliance with European feed law and to guarantee the highest possible transparency in the supply chain.




Regional from a single source

We are proud of our diverse production capabilities. Because whether it's cereal flakes, muesli or pellets, grain balls or grain bars - we produce them ourselves in our on-site factories. This gives us great flexibility to meet the needs of different species.

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